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  • Circuit VCR
    Circuit VCR

    The DU(rango) gets a successor: the CIRCUIT VCR’s name is based on the...

    $ 129.00
  • Charger LV (TURQUOISE)
    Charger LV (TURQUOISE)

    The same fit and features of the CHARGER, but for narrower feet – that’s...

    $ 162.00
  • Charger (BLUE)
    Charger (BLUE)

    Running on low batteries? Then grab your Red Chili Chargers Women, head...

    $ 162.00
  • Pamo B26
    Pamo B26

    1220mm - 2690mm

    $ 148.00
  • Pamo B32
    Pamo B32

    1410mm - 3250mm

    $ 154.40
  • Organic Deluxe Chalk Bucket
    Organic Deluxe Chalk Bucket

    Developed through 14 years of feedback from devoted ORGANIC users...

    $ 89.00

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  • $ 149.00 Out of stock

    The Awesome Woody's™ Cliff Board Mini™ is the smaller version of its bigger hangboard brothers and it’s versatility as a portable fingerboard to climbers is amazing. This 2 sided fingerboard is also full of useful skin friendly features while being compact and totally portable.

    $ 149.00
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  • $ 79.95 Out of stock

    The Awesome Woodys Pinch Block takes pinch block training to a whole new dimension.

    $ 79.95
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  • $ 59.00 Out of stock

    The K-Yubi is a portable mini hangboard. With its multiple grips, it is an indispensable training tool for climbers who want to train their fingers at all times. It has a dozen different grips, which makes it ideal for warming and finger-training. With its rotary adjustment system, the climber can quickly adapt the K-Yubi to its needs.

    $ 59.00
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  • $ 120.00 Out of stock

    The Yubi is a portable training hangboard. Its rotary system allows access to a multitude of grips depending on the type of training and the level of the climber. Its rope system allows great stability and fits easily. It hangs anywhere and is easily conveyed.

    $ 120.00
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  • $ 110.00 Out of stock

    Smallest hang board of the Cliff Board range. A no-hassles, throw-it-in-the-pack kind of board, at 20 x 9.5cm it is literally pocket-sized and at 280g is one of the lightest portable hang boards around!

    $ 110.00
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  • $ 129.00 Out of stock

    The Awesome Woodys™ Cliff Board Micro™ is the most compact and lightest version in our portable hangboard range. The Micro weighs in at around 400 grams and measuring 350 mm x 90 mm its compact, but be assured this little board punches well above its weight!

    $ 129.00
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  • $ 194.25 $ 259.00 -25% In Stock

    This hangboard is great for all climbers who want to increase their strength and endurance. Best for beginner to intermediate climbers pushing the grades up into the V5 and 5.12 range. Hence the name.

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  • $ 102.38 $ 136.50 -25% Product available with different options

    16.5" x 8.5". A hangboard to take out your aggression on.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items