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  • Circuit VCR
    Circuit VCR

    The DU(rango) gets a successor: the CIRCUIT VCR’s name is based on the...

    $ 129.00
  • Charger LV (TURQUOISE)
    Charger LV (TURQUOISE)

    The same fit and features of the CHARGER, but for narrower feet – that’s...

    $ 162.00
  • Charger (BLUE)
    Charger (BLUE)

    Running on low batteries? Then grab your Red Chili Chargers Women, head...

    $ 162.00
  • Pamo B26
    Pamo B26

    1220mm - 2690mm

    $ 148.00
  • Pamo B32
    Pamo B32

    1410mm - 3250mm

    $ 154.40
  • Organic Deluxe Chalk Bucket
    Organic Deluxe Chalk Bucket

    Developed through 14 years of feedback from devoted ORGANIC users...

    $ 89.00

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  • $ 229.00 In Stock

    A shoe designed for all women looking for maximum performance, comfort and versatility. The last is dedicated to the female foot. Thanks to the BI-Tension System technology, maximum precision and sensitivity guaranteed to last, even with intense usage.

    $ 229.00
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  • $ 140.70 $ 201.00 -30% In Stock

    A slipper for high-end projects and overhanging routes giving you power to make the most technical of moves with the sensitive of being nearly barefooted.

    $ 140.70 $ 201.00 -30%
    In Stock
  • $ 170.10 $ 243.00 -30% In Stock

    Meet the evolution of high performance climbing shoes. The Boostic is a professional tool intended to perform at the highest levels of the sport, in vertical to overhanging terrain where precision toe power and edging is crucial.

    $ 170.10 $ 243.00 -30%
    In Stock
  • $ 177.80 $ 254.00 -30% Out of stock

    This is the superlative steep rock shoe.The light weight construction is sensitive with its power focused over the toe. Supportive enough to ensure the poorest edge is trusted completely and the slickest smear is fully believed. The Booster S expresses precision with intelligence.

    $ 177.80 $ 254.00 -30%
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  • $ 226.00 In Stock

    Laces version of Instinct is renewed in look and substance. This shoe is appreciated by all climbers for long multi-pitch routes, the most difficult slabs and the crags all around the world. Thanks to the TPU lateral reinforcements the foot wrapping is improved while the comfort is even greater thanks to seamless upper.

    $ 226.00
    In Stock
  • $ 243.00 In Stock

    Inspired by the request of many of our global athletes, in particular those competing on plastic, the new VSR offers the option of a softer rubber in your quiver of shoes. This version will appeal to plastic masters and those of a lighter frame, where the extra feel and sensitivity of the Vibram Grip 2 compound will be best suited.

    $ 243.00
    In Stock
  • $ 243.00 Product available with different options

    Sensitive, powerful and versatile Built for experts who demand technical exactitude, the Instinct VS combines sensitivity and power to create a versatile tool for bouldering or hard sport routes.Quality and performance, all with surprising comfort.

    $ 243.00
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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items