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    Still the ultimate on-sighting ‘draw'. The Heliums are the definitive 5 star choice for those who climb with no compromise. The definitive trad climbing ‘biner' of the last ten years, and with a clutch of five star reviews that say as much, the latest Helium is incrementally improved for this season.

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    This superb sport climbing combination features a burly bolt end biner complemented by a lightweight and swift clipping wiregate. The new Electron provides the clip end and has a straight gate for security and a no-hook nose for stripping while the lithe new Wild Wire makes for a very smooth clip even in extremis.

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  • $ 237.00 In Stock

    A multi-discipline master the Electron sports a distinctive, ergonomic shape that’s tuned for use with Wild Country’s new tapes. Hot forged with a keylock nose its slender frame belies its strength.One of the lighter solid gates available it’s equally suited to trad adventures or clipping up your project. Comes in a pack of 5.

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    Wildwire quickdraws are available in three lengths, feature Wild Country's new 12mm dyneema and come in revised colours that identify each length. Easy to spot when racked and easier to rack.Comes in a pack of 5.

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    Shaving weight while maintaining rigidity this concise version of the Ascent keeps the same clean aesthetics to produce a lithe and compact biner. Shaped to maximize gate opening and optimize loading the Ascent Lite is neat in the hand, lighter on the rack and a great choice when weight matters most.

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Showing 16 - 20 of 20 items